Does Your Plan Cover the Essentials in Retirement?


Today’s economic upheaval will cause many folks to be concerned about their retirement goals. In fact, a 2018 study shows only 38% of retirees are confident they will have enough income to meet basic expenses during retirement.* The COVID-19 economic havoc will only make that worse.

Create confidence with a plan to cover essential living expenses.

Successful retirement planning starts with an income plan to cover your basic expenses, such as housing, food and utilities. Social security and pensions, for most folks, will fall short. A good plan will identify and fill any gap with a lifetime income solution. A stock-based portfolio will not necessarily accomplish this.

Add a Lifetime Income Solution

However, there is good news! An annuity added to a portfolio can help accomplish the goal of secure income to fill the gap. Annuities are proven to lower the risk and increase returns of a portfolio. Research shows folks tend to be happier, more relaxed and live longer with this type of lifetime income solution.

Everyone wants to feel secure in their retirement. Let us help you create an income plan that will give you the confidence you desire.

*According to the 2018 Employee Benefit Research Institute survey.

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